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Pinecraft is the name of Conifer's Minecraft server. Its default game mode is creative, encouraging residents to create larger-scale builds. Its address is The server is maintained by Honk Donk, and the server uses WorldEdit.

A screenshot of the main map portion (Áthidill)

The server utilises WorldEdit extensively in general, usually to facilitate the creation of builds or forests. The server also features a large variety of redstone circuits and uses command blocks to give players the Speed effect along the grass paths that link the mainland features.

Geography and Topography[edit]

The main area of Pinecraft (near spawn) is situated on a green or savannah-covered grassland. A small curved mountain surrounds the savannah, and harbours the flashing Conifer sign. About 1000 blocks south of the mainland towards the sea one can "discover" a New World, a jungle-covered continent.

Map of Pinecraft in the Travel Hub.

The Vyutsk area (#foundering) is situated to the northwest of spawn, on a small area one can peruse using the #foundering map. North of the mainland, the savannah extends but is covered in a player-generated forest of "pines". The spawn area has been extensively terraformed, through the creation of a large spruce forest (the Redpines).


Travel Hub[edit]

The Travel Hub is a teleportation centre comprising several portals to different areas of the map (Earth Party HQ, Clayroot Farm, SoSi's Farm...). It also displays two maps, one of the main Pinecraft area and one of #foundering.

Flags and Torch[edit]

This section is incomplete. Please contribute if you have any experience with this build.

There are two massive replicas of the flag of Conifer south of the main area, with a large netherrack green-coloured torch illuminating the flag at night. A command block materializes a path to the torch during the day, dematerializing it at sunset. The author of this build is Vyutsk, with the second, smaller flag authored by Central Birdland.

The Facility[edit]

This section is incomplete. Please contribute if you have any experience with this build

A bunker adjacent to the Redpine Forest can be accessed through placing redstone dust on a trigger block. The "facility" goes downward into the earth, eventually opening to two long perpendicular corridors. The corridors lead to several rooms, many of them having to do with experimentation on the natural environment or on mobs (Funky's lab, overworld simulation).

Sugra's Tank[edit]

Sugra's Tank is a supersized tank near the spawning area. The tank is owned and built by Sugrapine and appears to have come out of the water. The tank is fitted with a firework cannon, fire charge machine gun as well as a U12 piston engine. The tank has a history of being sabotaged by South Simongo .

Bank of Conifer[edit]

This grey, stone brick building is where one finds "vaults" to deposit items using locked chests and keys. A Conifer currency (the CC) was designed for the occasion, making the BoC the center of the capitalist Coniferan economy.


A colored glass dome on the desert, Beatlehem can be accessed through a Travel Hub portal. A redstone circuit plays music, and a DJ Golem is on stage. This build was made by Funky Goats, with redstone by Honk Donk.

Metropolitan Trains[edit]

Both Vyutsk and Áthidil have constructed metro lines to link different locations. The ÁsaMetro (by Áthidill) is based in the Redpine Forest and links the Forest to Clayroot Farm and to Llangollen Tower. The Vyutskan Metro branches off into two long lines, one towards the Ender Stronghold and one towards the Earth Party HQ.


#foundering is the name given to the territory occupied by Vyutsk, far northwest of the Pinecraft mainland. The name comes from the #foundering channel on the discord, which is like the #government channel except it also has Vyutsk in.

Earth Party HQ[edit]

Originally built as a survival mansion by Vyutsk, the building has come to be known officially as the "Earth Party HQ" due to a recurring joke. The HQ is the original and main build of #foundering, and possesses a Travel Hub portal as well as a station of the blue line metro.

Tennis Stadium[edit]

The Tennis Stadium @ #foundering is a tennis venue. The stadium has a retractable roof, and a capacity of 1100. The venue stands out due to its unique dark blue color that isn't encountered in any other Pinecraft builds. There are three courts (all clay) - one inside the stadium, and two courts next to the stadium (Outer Court 1, Outer Court 2) that have no audience seats and are primarily used for training.

Redpine Forest[edit]

Article covered in more detail in Redpine Forest (Pinecraft)
Redpine Forest and the Farmer's Market.

One of the first builds of Pinecraft, the Redpine Forest (aka "the Redpines") is a large, partially WorldEdit-generated spruce forest, created with the ostensible purpose of "making the grassland more Coniferan". It is as such the only forest on the main map, and houses most of Áthidill's builds: a lodge, two firewatch towers, a community garden, and a troglodyte mushroom farm.

The Market[edit]

The Farmer's Market is a series of small wooden structures surrounding a fountain and grass paths, adjacent to the Redpine Forest. It employs player heads to create a variety of foods on sale, including vegetables, pastry (stand owned by South Simongo) and wheat.

Llangollen Tower[edit]

Llangollen Tower is a spruce-based wooden tower built by South Simongo. It is a mage or wizard tower and features an annelid structure and tall spruces growing at the top. It is linked to the ÁsaMetro (Redpine Forest) by a station built collaboratively by South Simongo and Áthidill.

Vyutsk Tower[edit]

Vyutsk Tower is a large, black tower built by Vyutsk, containing many floors with TV studios for Regional Broadcasting (RB). However, currently only a couple of them have anything in, the rest being empty. A water lift makes the different floors accessible. The TV Tower is accessible by boat and through a tunnel from the village near Redpine Forest and the abandoned village.