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OGs ("originals") is the general term used by Vyutsk to refer to the first members of the region. The definition of OGs and the time periods encompassed by the term have been variously reinterpreted, but the official Vyutskan definition is "everyone on the government chart that is before November 21st, 2018".


OGs are people present on this chart before November 21st.

The first definition of OG was "a select group of individuals referred to by Vyutsk as such". After being prompted to elucidate the question, Vyutsk declared an OG was "everyone that is before Nov. 21st on the government terms chart" (see below). The OGs of Conifer were thus (in alphabetical order) Vyutsk, Capucinn (then Áthidill), Honk Donk, Yorgami, Nassoysau, Central Birdland, Outer Cateland, and Slovanai; three of which had ceased existing and had not returned to the region since.

The second definition of the OG was "a nation who saw the Apabeossie Crisis's peak and resolution"; however, this definition was even more restrictive. The definition is believed to have indirectly stemmed from the term "apab og" used to qualify another ancient ex-nation.

The third definition of the OG, which was supposedly created only for the purpose of making Funky Goats (and all other government members as of March 15th, 2019), was elaborated by Áthidill as "People who interacted with Gbegbe". This added the current list of non-OG government members (Premier Funky Goats, The Gaelic People, Subadent, Craei Theau, and Yewtopia) to the existing, official list.

There currently exists no true way to become an OG, at least not in the eyes of Vyutsk.