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The Elderberry Puy of Conifer.

The Elderberry Puy is a cultural event in the region Conifer, organized by Chief of Culture Áthidill and Shadow Chief The Gaelic People between the 21st of March, 2019 to the 10th of April, 2019. The event consists of a poetry contest themed "Forest". The event has received 8 submissions as of March 22nd, 2018. Submissions range from sonnets and verse to haiku and prose.

Submissions ware open from March 21st through April 10th, and Member States, Voting States and Residents are eligible for the Elderberry Award. Submissions are given a score over 20 and the Elderberry Award is conceded to the writer of the best poem.


NOTE: The Puy is still ongoing as of March 23nd, 2019. Submissions are not definitive.


Ode to the Forest

My green Forest, you inspire me to write.

I love the way you Move, Still and still,

Invading my mind day and through the night,

Always dreaming about the kind hornbill.

Let me compare you to a silent arch?

You are more empty, glorious and big.

Neat clouds dull the springy flowers of March,

And the springtime has the florida strangler fig.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love your Green Leaves, Oak and leaves.

Thinking of your discreet Oak fills my days.

My love for you is the beautiful trees.

Now I must away with a discrete heart,

Remember my clean words whilst we're apart.

24221 Paradigm[edit]

Dark Beauty

Dark woods still, silent

Mystery surrounds, hidden

Beauty blooms unseen


Gentle breeze’s caress

Sunlight filters in from high

Woods alive with teeming life

Beauty abounds, free


Alone, beyond reach

Looming sentinels stand guard

Thousands of eyes watch


The sound of birdsong echoes skywards

The stench of decay fills the air

Beauty abounds unchained and free

Desolate lands, barren of life

Vibrant forests standing proud, unyielding

Towering husks from a bygone era

The Future contains many paths

The one which shall become our fate

Is determined by the choices of us all

Memories (free verse)

Beautiful trees reaching for the stars

Sweet sounds of Birdsong filling the air

The gentle caress of a fragrant breeze

Life unbounded, joyous and free

Gone within an instant

Never to be retrieved

Craei Theau[edit]

Poroshenko in the Forest

The trees, upright in salute

All goes silent as to admire his presence

Woods transition to chartreuse

And are frozen like that forever

As they wish to respect our glorious President

And our Proud Nation's honour


A distinct absence of trees

I literally cannot

See a single flippin' tree

Desert, for miles


Three great Latvian haikus about a wolf in the forest...

Jā (Yes)

Mežā atskan "jā"

Vilks meklē no kurienes

Šī skaņa rodas

Vārda nav (No name)

Vilks mežā meklē

Kādu radību savv'ļā

Vārda kurai nav

Privātums (Privacy)

Meža noteikums

Privātumu pieprasīs

Vilks tev' apēdīs

Honk Donk[edit]

Pkheft (note: this poem is written in khanhilhez language. an approximate translation will be displayed soon.)

Pkheft oghe ghidgon.

Watf mepeznh shnogi ketspov -

Glhoshnat elhegh pkheghst kedvub.


A Rebirth of the Felled

Under the soft bed of moss

Grow the forlorned acorns;

Who forsaken by the albatross

Set themselves in oaks well-worn;

From felled fathers come strong daughters;

Thus does the forest feed its kin.

Genesis of the Wildfire

Seldom does the timid sough

Show its form to me or thou,

Its musky breath often withheld

From the tinder of the tree yet felled.

The lonely spark will give us light;

Igniting the dried barks of ash.

In the crepuscule, another sun;

Like moons in a lake, come two of one;

Its yolk spreads, flowing through the brush

Wildfire grows with no hush.

The sun of the forest will leave but ash;

Such is the force of the vexed sough.


Great Guardians of the Forest

Scraping the sky, with brown and green hands,

sturdy and shady, all across our lands.

Providing us with fruit, materials and more,

these lovely trees give great gifts galore.

Though there's sometimes fire and disaster,

trees are trustworthy, with many resources to master.

Trees are our friends, for anyone who's born,

they'll shelter and protect us, never showing scorn.

Our lovely trees are perfect in every way,

so please, won't you plant a tree today?

Outer Cateland[edit]

Trees swaying in the wind and I rescind

All of my inhibitions, I see visions

Floating over leaves, I breathe


Carbon dioxide out as I shout


It is, by its very nature, of course

Both hot, cold, mild

And unforced.


Haiku for my Home

The forest, my home,

Lush with life and green about,

vanishing swiftly.

Wucelapan Poem

ei lapan mewa

gu'ia ba' iha ba' wepatoha

ei pan ba' eitol pan

eja! eitol lapan va

eitol lapantol ahawo

eitol pan ba' lapantol pan'pan.