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The logo for Deepening Culture Winter 2018-2019

Deepening Culture was a cultural event in Conifer organized by Áthidill and The Gaelic People as Chief of Culture and Shadow Chief. The event comprised of several categories of artistic loremaking and "culture-deepening" (hence the title). The contest used a dedicated Discord server for collecting and discussing submissions. There were a total of 17 submissions from residents of Conifer, a moderate success in the eyes of the Chief of Culture.

The different categories were "Philately" (stamps), "Numismatics" (coins and banknotes), "Convincing" (propaganda), "Bureaucracy" (boring documents written in edgewise proper to those nations) and "Esoteric" (the "other" category).


Below are examples of submissions. The winning submission was the Philately stamps selection submitted by Viveen.

Philately (Viveen)[edit]


Numismatics (The Gaelic People)[edit]


Convincing (Áthidill)[edit]