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The current flag of Conifer (by Central Birdland)

Conifer is the NationStates region, community and roleplay in-context universe of Conifer. Following the original NationStates system, it is based on the concept of "nations", though this concept is solely retained in the regional roleplay. Its canon, paramount value is the preservation and valorisation of the natural environment (hence the Eco-Friendly tag on Conifer's NationStates page). Conifer employs a regional Government and Council, enforces a constitutional piece of legislation, features a difference between "Member States" and "Residents" within Conifer, etc.

Member States and Residents

Residents are all nations residing in Conifer. They dispose of inalienable rights as established in articles 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e and 1f of the Second Charter of Conifer. A subset of Residents is Member States, which dispose of the right to participate in elections and the Regional Council.


The essential values of Conifer, shared by all members of the region, are environmentalism, humanism (defence and promotion of human rights), and general empathy, kindness and solidarity. These values are sometimes contested and questioned, especially in recent times; however, the essential values have stuck to the original structure of the region (especially via the influence of OGs)

Government and Regional Council

Note: better covered in Government of Conifer

The government of Conifer (or Cabinet) is composed of Officials elected every four months:

  • Premier: elected every four months, tasked with voting on World Assembly proposals and conducting regional intelligence, as well as appointing officials and ambassadors responsibly as needed, etc.
  • Chancellor: directs the judiciary branch of the government (the Conifer Central Court, CCC), decides of Rulings in Court cases, etc.
  • Speaker: maintains regional communications (regional Discord, Regional Message Board, etc.) and directs recruiting for the region, etc.
  • Chief of Culture: responsible for promoting and supervising regional culture and roleplay, organizing events, etc.
  • Shadow Premier, Shadow Speaker, Shadow Chief: assist their Officials in the conduction of their duties.

The Government also comprises the Founder of the region (Vyutsk) and the Cartographer who is appointed by the Chief of Culture.


One day, many moons ago, Vyutsk was bored. They then set about constructing this hallowed ground that is Conifer.


Regional culture in Conifer is supervised by the Chief of Culture. The regional Discord server features most of the cultural amenities of Conifer, including:


The current map of Conifer. (Artists in order of work: Vyutsk, Sugrapine, Quartia and Polynia)

Subdivided into five channels (#tidings, #deck, #discussion, #nations and #feed, which is currently disabled), the Roleplay section of the regional Discord is the theatre for all in-context interactions between nations. It is also the designated place for light loremaking and worldbuilding. The Chief of Culture is responsible for regulating and orienting roleplay, and writing #tidings posts to roughly condense the previous month's roleplay activity.

Directly linked to roleplay, the regional map is updated by the regional Cartographer and posted in #tidings.


Culture is also developed through the means of cultural events. The events organised in Conifer by the Chief of Culture include the Elderberry Puy (a puy, forest-themed poetry contest), and the Deepening Culture event (art contest based around deepening an aspect of national culture).

The winning submission of DeepeningCulture, stamps by Viveen